Monday, April 14, 2008

lumang cow joke

Mel: Ano ang sinabi ng jeepney nung muntik na niyang masagasaan yung cow?
Jay: Ano?
Mel & Jay: Mwahahahaha!!!

Jay: Eh ano naman ang sinagot nung cow sa jeepney?
Mel: Ano?
Jay: Tangna MOOOOO!
Mel & Jay: Mwhahahahahaha!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last weekend was a blast with Ozinefest 2008 held at Megatrade. Everywhere you look is eyecandy. I didn't see the Tifa I was looking for, sayang, but there were lots of kawaii worth checking out.

A friend cosplayed Hard Gay. Man, he sure has guts, believe me (coincidentally, look at his tag number hehe). Nag-uunahan lahat sila magpa-picture sa kanya, even si iron-man nagpa-picture sa kanya. I wish I had the guts that he has.. strutting his way at the Megamall dressed like that. For 100 bucks ticket price and less than the price of caffeine, I think my adrenaline shoot up watching this event. Thanks to herson lan for the pic.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How will they know?

Someone e-mailed me saying, "Kuya Jay, sikat ka na! Nakita namin yung name mo dito samin! Idol talaga!" sure... thanks.. bwiset kayo!! heheh :-)